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Baby Keyboard Game teaches your child the English alphabet
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Learning with the use of toys is one of the best teaching methods. Smart parents choose useful toys that help their children develop certain skills and intelligence. You can, however, save time and money on searching and buying traditional physical toys for your baby, for nowadays a computer program can replace many of these toys.

Baby Keyboard Game is a simple educational application suitable for children from one to three years old. It will show the user a screen with a blackboard with every letter of the English alphabet written on it. When the user presses a letter on the keyboard, a word containing this letter is displayed. A picture of this word will appear on the screen to draw your child's attention, too. In addition, your child will hear the pronunciation of that letter and the voice of the animal or musical instrument shown in the picture. Your child will enjoy many joyful photos of animals, insects, musical instruments, toys and others.

One of the missing features of this program is the ability to print these beautiful photos. Moreover, the pronunciation of some letters is missing. The trial version will expire in seven days after its installation.

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  • Full screen
  • Provides voice and pronunciation


  • One example per letter
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